Finding the right photographer for your wedding is an important decision. We'd like to provide you with our thoughts on what to look for when you are planning your wedding. We find that couples may be unaware of some services photographers provide and how to find out what works best for their wedding and budget.

  1. Search for referrals. Ask your married friends who they used and if they were happy with their photographer. Also, if you know any commercial photographers, ask them.
  2. When using a studio with many photographers, see the actual portfolio of the photographer who will be photographing your wedding. If possible, view proof sheets as well.
  3. Inquire about how long a photographer has been in business. Ask what happens should the photographer have a medical emergency or become ill.
  4. Examine the quality of the prints. Ask how archival they are and who does the film processing and printing. These factors may affect the longevity and quality of your prints.
  5. Ask about how flexible the photographer is on time and costs. Inquire if there is a Friday discount. See if there is a minimum order for prints or volume discounts. Prices may not be set in stone.
  6. When you receive a price quote, verify how long the prices are valid. Discuss also if there is a discount for ordering early or paying more up front.
  7. Decide if you want a wedding photography package or services contracted à la carte, or if you prefer both.
  8. Set up a contract. Make sure the contract spells out all of the desired details in writing. You don't have a photographer booked until you have signed a contract. A contract protects your interests for such a special event.
  9. If you are thinking about disposable cameras on tables: popular consensus is that there's more waste than keepers when shooting indoors, but outside in bright weather, they are fine. They are also great in the hands of the trained professionals.
  10. Your wedding day will be one of the most important events in your life together. To document it the way you want, hire a professional. Friends don't let friends shoot their weddings.