Angel Food Bakery

Chicago, IL

Stephanie weds beautiful design with fabulous taste in every one-of-a-kind cake she creates. Her designs are whimsical and graphic, incorporating everything from fondant sculptures to pulled sugar along with usual flavors like carrot cake with orange-ginger butter cream or lemon meringue with marshmallow cream.


Chicago, IL

Judy Contino has captured the palates of Chicago with her extraordinary desserts from her Lakeview pastry shop for almost 10 years. Bon Appetit magazine stated that if you only had six minutes to spend in the Lakeview neighborhood, head to Judy Contino’s. The shop specializes in everything from classic European pastries to traditional American favorites, while focusing on taste and simple, elegant designs.

Café Selmarie

Chicago, IL

Café Selmarie specializes in custom-made cakes made from the freshest ingredients. From the delightful Raspberry Marzipan Torte, with its traditional European flavors, to the Chocolate Mousse Torte, rich with velvety chocolate, Café Selmarie provides an unforgettable cake perfect for any occasion.

Katering Desserts

Kate Friedlob
Chicago, IL

Kate Friedlob’s European-style cakes combine rich flavors into unique and crowd-pleasing confections. With particular attention to details, she collaborates with brides to design a cake that reflects their personal tastes.

Le Royale Icing

Oak Park, IL

Margaret Lastick specializes in cakes that are not only beautiful but also extremely delicious. Each is a one-of-a-kind design that combines unique textures, flavors and decorative details to create an edible work of art.

Vanille Patisserie

Chicago, IL

Owned and operated by Dimitri and Keli Fayard, this Parisian-style patisserie puts forth exquisitely paired seasonal cake flavors and fillings.