Fig Media

Chicago, IL

They are the new wave of deejays--setting the trend since 1992 in Chicago--hip, low key, trained to read the crowd, to manage and interpret event flow. They consider the demographics of your crowd and your personal preferences, then strategize to represent you musically. Their team training and interaction makes them unique. They support your event at all levels – from admin to technical support. Their deejays train from the technical and logistical to the social aspects of working with people. Their training in higher levels of consciousness combined with their experience is invaluable.

Standing Ovation

Joe Stephen
Arlington Heights, IL

Standing Ovation prides itself on the breadth of their collection—with good reason. Working collaboratively with their clients, they can help you plan the perfect soundtrack for your wedding party that can include everything from the infamous “chicken dance” to today’s hits.

Toast and Jam

Mary Nisi

Toast & Jam believes that it's time to call for an end to forced entertainment and the mandatory line dances. They view every event as their most important, and they will work with you to customize your needs to make that happen. They are as dedicated to making your wedding or party a success. Their events are never stale… always fresh and sweet.

The Windy City Hitman

Gary Templin
Arlington Heights, IL

With 80,000 tunes in their collection, Windy City Hitmen can put together music for just about any event. They encourage clients to help select the music for their evening and provide helpful suggestions on what may work for the event and the audience.